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Adventures of a Multi-Dimensional Being

1111 Healing and Meditation Experience



I was invited to participate in a group meditation for January 11th, 2017 for it was a day of 1’s. A day of new beginnings. I was also invited to create a meditation for other participants to use if they wanted to, and to be an energetic “anchor” with four other people,  to hold space for healing in quantum space. I’m leaving names out for their own privacy.

It was somewhat last minute to jump into this, so I meditated by myself to work with my spirit team and see what meditation would be appropriate for this event. As part of that meditation, I established myself as this anchor and aspects of these other four, in spirit, joined me. I included the meditation at the end of this post and it’s written in a general way so as not to guide people to see what I saw, but to see and experience whatever was best for them. Afterward many wrote about their experience and it was delightful to read about them.

In a nutshell, the meditation is focused on the Tree of Life, ancestors and descendants, and the DNA of creation for Mother Earth. Around the tree were 12 rings of 12 beings each, all in honor of, and love for, Mother Earth or Gaia (spirit name).

The meditation was designed to be done on a person’s local 11:11 time, and being in quantum space, people could do it whenever they wished, even now, after the fact. However, I chose to be consciously aware and participating during multiple 11:11’s across multiple time zones, so I did this meditation 5 times acting as an anchor. What I describe below is for the last one I did at 11:11 Pacific time. Overall I was actively aware as an anchor for a 24 hour period.

Here’s my experience as I wrote about it that night.

Considering the energy and anchoring was established last night, it has been easy and quick to get centered and then just jump into my dragon being self within the tree.

The dragon I am in this meditation, and which is a part of my higher-self, is a crystalline/diamond dragon. I am translucent white with iridescence in my scales, which are like warm quartz, in that they are warm to the touch and very smooth. I have green eyes and iridescent flames that softly ripple across my scales when not shooting out of my mouth or snout. I have green eyes, like emeralds and my heart is a diamond radiating all colors in sharp laser-like beams. As I settled into being dragon, I filled my bellows with air and fire and fill the base of the tree with fire, and fill-up the anchors with extra energy. I pull in the green healing energy up from Gaia and focus on the strong flow of golden unconditional love light flowing down the tree into her body.

I watched the other anchors and smiled to them, and surrounded them with my wings in an embrace. I looked at, and acknowledged, their true selves and beauty, standing with strength, compassion, and love in these moments. I stood with each one, offering a dragon embrace.

I listened to sounds of the tree and watched the sacred geometry of Metatrons cube spinning in the center floating and activating for all the anchors and all entering the tree.

I saw us traveling through time spreading this healing in all corners of the globe, cultures, and places that need more love.

I would look outside to the 12 circles of 12 and watched people meeting beings and sharing love before approaching the tree.

I saw many beings watching all around the area, ships in the sky, and just so much love and support.

I watched animals come into the tree and transform glowing in golden light rising in the currents of love.

In one of the sessions I saw a white unicorn running around the circles which approached the tree and slowly entered, horn first, as it filled with golden light and blossomed into something like a unicorn constellation. She said her entrance into the tree was for ALL unicorns.

I had a Sasquatch stand with me at my side and just observe as a giant light being full of love and compassion.

I invited my friends and family to join us in spirit, to experience some of this magic and join me in the tree if they chose to. Some of them did, and some of them visited with loved ones outside of the tree.

I’m going to start this last 11:11 now, and I’ll focus on my own passage around the circles once I feel a lull in energy and participation. I may share about that tomorrow.

Thank you to the anchors for holding this energy for ALL and for all of you that participated in healing ourselves, Gaia, and all the DNA across time.


Later that night:

I’m still awake, so I think I’ll finish up my thoughts. I entered this last West coast 11:11 and was very peaceful in holding this energy. It just felt good.

I held it, and spread it, and sped through time.

I breathed dragon fire and beamed diamond light. I did this until the energy was waning and I figured it was time to go out into the circles myself. But that didn’t happen.

I felt and saw the beings in the circles moving closer and I realized I needed to just keep holding energy.

For me, the first circle was of Gaia’s celestial brothers and sisters, and one by one they came into the tree as goddesses and gods in form. I watched them embrace Gaia, also in a goddess form standing in the middle. This is the only time I cried today, watching them all embrace, one at a time. Mars was clad in armor and carried a sword, but when he embraced Gaia, the sword dropped to the floor and the armor melted away. Maldec was also touching as he was present in spirit. As each celestial being embraced her, they too were being healed.

I watched and honored as they shared their love and respect, the archangels, the gods, goddesses, ascended masters, and so forth.

As each finished their embraces, the group would just disappear from view. When the animals came into the tree, it reminded me of some animals that came in earlier while I held a mouse in one hand and a songbird in the other, as big cats strolled into the tree. It was a sweet moment to feel as a dragon.

Anyway, the procession continued with elementals, and faeries, all queued up and so full of love and respect.

When all had finished, the tree condensed into Gaia and disappeared, and the crystal anchors in the ground we stood next to, disappeared as well.

I was now standing on this little hill in the meadow under the full moon and a night sky of stars. I sat on the grass by myself and just stared into the sky. Although I didn’t see her, I felt a woman sit behind me and she wrapped her arms around my waist, the warmth from her body soaking into me. It was really nice.


Here is the meditation as I shared it with others:

Prepare your space and yourself as you normally do for meditation. Make sure you are grounded.

The Tree of Life is all of Gaia and her children in all the realms on, in, and around her celestial body, Mother Earth. It holds the entire history of all life here, which is also our individual and collective DNA. Healing the Tree of Life, is healing all life across all time. Our DNA is altered when we heal on this level.

Any form of life or being that has contributed to our family tree (ancestral), or will contribute in our future (decendents) is present in the tree, human and non-human, native and non-native.

When you are ready, imagine your favorite sacred place where the Tree of Life is standing tall and strong. The tree is large and reaches far into the sky, and the roots run deep into Mother Earth all the way to her core.

The tree is luminous, crystalline and pure. The leaves on the branches of the tree are moving in a slight breeze and sound like many finely tuned wind chimes. A perfect symphony of divine healing tones reverberating at a cellular level.

The tree is glowing in golden light and the branches and leaves are beautifully refracting and reflecting the light of all creation in a rainbow of many colors and hues, some you may have never seen before.

The ground around the tree is pulsing and glowing in light from the roots below.

The five energetic anchors are standing as their truest complete selves just inside of the tree, anchoring pillars of golden source light, Christ light, pouring in from our galactic central sun in a constant flow of unconditional love. It is this unconditional love, as light, which is healing our selves, Gaia, and the DNA of all that have come before and are being born.

Behind each anchor (pillar of light) is an anchor crystal outside of the tree.

Surrounding the tree are 12 concentric circles, each with 12 spiritual beings, 144 in total.

See and feel that each of these beings is shining light, energy, and love for Gaia and all of her children represented by the Tree of Life. See beams of light and energy flowing from them to the tree and to each other forming sacred geometry across the circles of 12. Large laser-like beams of many colored light.

Each ring is like a realm, or a group or council of beings. The inner ring are Gaia’s celestial brothers and sisters (planets, sun and moon).

Other rings are of ascended masters, gods, goddesses, dragons, and many other groups of beings, including all of your spirit guides.

Before you approach the tree, look closely at these circles of beings and approach those that are most meaningful for you.

Thank them for being here, for sharing their love, and honor them with your love. Do this with individuals and with groups. Each has unique energy and they are sharing it openly and with unconditional love.

When you are ready, walk up to the tree and feel the intensity of the light flowing through it into Gaia. It is warm and inviting, like a perfect shower, not to hot, not too cold. Touch the outside of the tree and feel you hand pass through with no resistance.

Feel the energy flowing through your hand. The energy sparkles in a beautiful way, the warmth of the sun and fire of a dragon, warming your soul.

You will only receive the energy that is appropriate for you, and will receive it with ease and grace.

Step into the tree and feel it flow through your crown and all the way down to your toes.

Look around you and see that the inside of the tree is vast, with all of time, and all of creation flowing in it’s very energy.

Feel the golden light and the energy and light of the 144 beings supporting, healing all aspects of your being, every cell and the spaces in between.

Give thanks for this gift of unconditional love and state the areas of your life that you are most thankful for.

When you are ready, turn around and see the sacred space where the tree is standing and step out from the tree.

Sit on the ground and relax into the healing. When you are ready, come back to yourself refreshed and full of life and energy, and wiggle you fingers and toes.

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