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Wake Up! You’re Dead…

I had a death dream the other night.
I was a passenger in a car, in the back seat. We were coming up a mild rise or hill and I looked back and saw an impatient driver start to pull into the left lane to pass us. I turned around as we crested the hill and saw a red car coming from the other direction in that lane (two lane road). I knew they were going to crash, and I tried to say something, but it was only a split second before they would crash.
And then they didn’t crash, we just kept driving and the other cars didn’t exist anymore.
I told the other two people in the front seats what happened and they didn’t really respond.
The scene changed to our destination. Someone was crying as someone else was giving the news that there was a crash and fatalities. The driver of the red car was a friend of the driver of my car, and an old acquaintance of mine.
I went to lay down and in the room where I was, a man came in and was talking to me. I think he was trying to tell me I had passed over, but he wasn’t being very clear about it. He asked me if I wanted to see what they would have done with the nursery, so I said sure.
He had to change clothes for some reason and when he took off whatever he was wearing, he was a swirling vortex of something semi-solid. One of the pieces actually hit me. Then he put on something that covered up all of that and he looked human again.
He sat next to me on the bed and held my hand and said something about needing to do that so people didn’t see something. Anyway, there was a shift of some kind and then we walked out of the room.
We went into another bedroom and there were several cradles and cribs in it, all empty. Then we walked into the kitchen and a woman was in there. I talked to her a little and for whatever reason that I can’t remember I suggested she might enjoy aromatherapy. She asked if I liked essential oils and I told her I had several and she could have any she liked.
Then I was going to have some yogurt and needed a utensil to eat it with. I was asking my guide about that and then he was showing me that I couldn’t just take the utensil or ask directly, I had to influence the woman in the kitchen to choose the utensil I wanted.
That’s when I realized I was dead.
I woke up from the ream and went to use the bathroom and thought to myself, maybe I am actually dead. Maybe I’m just oblivious to it and these cycles have kept repeating over and over again because I didn’t realize I was dead.
Then I thought, maybe, being a dream of course, that this just symbolizes the further death of the old me and that as we raise in vibration, we are in those realms where those that have passed would go to after death.
I went downstairs to get some breakfast and talked to my housemate and ate breakfast, which solidified that I haven’t passed over yet. 🙂


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