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Adventures of a Multi-Dimensional Being

Mother’s Wisdom

I was talking to Mother Earth… She shared a few things with me.


I am the smallest blade of grass, rising up to embrace the sun

and the great forests as far as the eye can see

I am the tiniest drop of dew on the pedal of a morning glory

and the depths of the oceans teaming with life

I am the stones beneath your feet

and the blankets warming your body

I am sound traveling on the wind

and the blanket of snow where no sound may linger

I am the concrete and pavement and the towering skyscrapers

and the mud hut and nomad’s tent

I am the pulse of life and blood in your veins

and the rhythm of life exploring


I said, “Mother Earth, I see myself as more than a physical body walking around. I see myself as many aspects of self, many aspects of God, all of which is my higher self. I’m merging my higher self with my oneness here, and I’m wondering how you see yourself. I see you as a celestial being, beautiful, complex and with many facets, but also as a Goddess, just as you are laying with me now, and as a higher-self being, a creator beyond the perceived limits of your celestial body.”

She said, “There are no limitations of time and space. No limits on scale or scope. We are an infinite universe of infinite dimensions and experiences. This is not something which can be fully described with words, or with a single picture, or to express in any way beyond pure energy, pure love, pure source. I see myself as all that I AM, including all of my children living with my celestial body, born of my life blood, DNA, soil, water, light and love. I see myself as mother and as galactic sister. I am a catalyst for the uplifting of all, both as part of my body, but also on a celestial scale. I am a part of you, and you are a part of me, there is no true separation other than what is perceived as such. My physical body, as planet Earth, is perceived to be the limits of who I am, by those that believe themselves to be limited to their human bodies and a vague idea of a spirit. As humans awaken and become more aware, they’ll start to see their perceptions were very limited. Just saying “I see myself” as this or that, is limiting, and also implies separation as my-self, as an individual, verses simply being ALL that I AM. I need be nothing more or less than Mother, part of you and all my children.”


Image credit: Charlie Terrell




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