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Fire Rooster


2017 is the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster, or what many of us call the Phoenix. This transition of the new year is starting this afternoon in China, and continues through January 28th.

Last year was the Fire Monkey, and for most people, was a year of poop being thrown around, which monkeys are very good at. Lots of chaos.

Last year was also a year of completion, and that means it was the completion of of a Phoenix cycle too, the part where she burns up completely. How many felt utterly burned up last year? I certainly did.

So for those that did the inner work, and faced all that stuff that needed to burn up, 2017 is about the newly reborn Phoenix, all new, ready for creating the new world.

For those that didn’t finish burning through the old stuff, they will keep on burning, and it might not be pretty until it all goes. My consuming Phoenix fires of 2016 burned well into this month, and is still smoldering a bit.

In my meditation times the last few nights, I’ve been inviting this newborn fire rooster to be with me, to light fires of creation within me. For those fires to be easy and gentle, and to create a life of love, joy, freedom, and prosperity.

Add in the celestial energies flowing through Mother Earth and ourselves, and the new Moon, and we have an auspicious recipe for creating what we truly desire.



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