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Adventures of a Multi-Dimensional Being

Fires of Intention


I Paul, as my human self and all aspects of my being, and ALL that I AM, release all attachments to the old world of limitations and duality!

I release myself to be all that I AM in all regards, and ascend in frequency, awareness, and unconditional love, transforming and transmuting with Mother Earth and all of her children.

These flames clear and cleanse through time and space, and across dimensions, opening hearts and minds to truth and love.

May my family and all within the ancestral tree of life and of our descendants, be enlightened and their knowledge and gifts unlocked for the betterment of ALL.

Thank you and love to all guides and benefactors to Mother Earth, here, and throughout creation.



The picture above is of the paper with those words being burned, and was part of my ceremony last night to bring in the Chinese New Year.


This is what the circle of crystal skulls looked like during the day yesterday as they were soaking up the sun. Following are a few shots taken in candlelight.

2017_alyssum  2017_center  2017_edgar  2017_hel_211211  2017_obsidian




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