iridescent flame

Adventures of a Multi-Dimensional Being


I’m now offering sessions, spiritual counseling, and healing work for anyone interested in expanding their consciousness, either a little, or a lot. I’ve been working on myself for many years now, and I’ve done many sessions over that time, but now it’s time to place a greater focus on helping others while helping myself. Reading posts on this blog will give you a good idea of the experiences I’ve had, but it doesn’t cover the classes I’ve taken, or my formative years.

Here are some areas I have focused on: Animal communication, spirit communication (any being), hands-on healing, energetic healing, angelic healing, ancestral healing, past lives, future lives, timelines (time is an odd thing), crystal skulls, crystal grids, dragons, angels, ascended masters, faeries and the fae realm, galactic beings, spirit guardians, integrating higher-self, multi-dimensionality, twin flames, pyramids, navigating this thing we call ascension, divine masculine and the balance with divine feminine.

I can help you figure out who you are… Or, more importantly, help you discover how to explore yourself in a way that empowers YOU.

As an energy exchange, I’m charging an introductory discounted rate of $60 for an hour session via phone.

These rates will go up over time, but I don’t yet know how much or how fast.

I’ll have PayPal set up soon for processing payment.

You can reach me at this email address:


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